Sometimes I impress myself with flashes of brilliance. Now, keep in mind, I do not have these flashes often (unless dealing with the written word, those come on a semi-regular basis).

Here’s the story:

I’m heading to school on Tuesday. I’m almost at the end of my hour long commute and the check engine light comes on five minutes from the school. No use worrying about it now, not much I can do till after I ace my music theory test. So, after getting my mom to work, Dad comes up to Lakeland to trade cars. In the confusion, he somehow got the impression that I was talking about the check oil light (I would have know what to do about that. There’s a reason it’s also know as the “idiot light”). Long story short, we want to put oil in the car and are without a funnel. That’s when I get the genius idea: “Hey, let’s just cut the bottom out a water bottle.” Yes, I said genius because it turns out that our impromptu funnel works better than a real one. Talk about lol.

What about you? Have you ever surprised yourself with idea that could be considered genius?