So I’ve made it through the first week of my fast. And oh boy, do I miss my books. I keep finding myself picking things up going, oh, I want to rad this and then having to put it back down. But I’m surviving…more easily than I thought I would. Now comes the hard part…a week of only the Bible, school and work. If it’s not God-inspired I’m not reading or listening to it. Sounds like Tenth Avenue North is going to get a lot of plays as I commute to school.

As far as reading my Bible goes, I’m a little behind on the 50 pages I need to read every day, but I’m catching up. Just about through Exodus and I find myself wondering, “What did these OT dudes do with their brains?” I mean, what were Abraham and Jacob thinking? Apparently they weren’t. Granted they got a whole lot right…but who thinks “Hey, that’s a good idea?” when their wife suggests they sleep with another woman. Guys, if your wife ever suggests that, suggest back that she get her head examined because something is wrong. At least Leah and Rachel had the backbone not to let the “other” women become a problem. Sarah and Hagar never made sense to me. Why did she let Hagar abuse her? Why didn’t Abraham put the slave woman in her place? Leah took her slave’s children and made them her own, why didn’t Sarah? She was the one with the power, but she just gave it away. Nope, never will make sense to me.

Anyways, I should go read some more if I’m going to catch up. Need to be in 2 Kings by tomorrow…Oh, and the cute little dog that needs a bath? That’s my Suzie, just figured it was time for her to make an appearance.