Who Killed Time? by Brandon Warren

I was going to title this “Life Gets In the Way”, but I realized that life gets in my way because I let it.

Let’s be honest here. I am not where I wanted to be in my whole Bible-In-A-Month plan. In fact I haven’t picked up my Bible in, um, three days. Forget just reading through it, I haven’t even been doing my daily devotionals. Why? Because I’ve been busy. There’s this big project that’s due for school, tonight (it’s finished now) and I have to work on it so I’ll get a good grade and keep my scholarships.

But why do I get good grades? Why do I get scholarships? None of it is from my own effort really. It’s because God has hand in my path. He is the one that made me as smart as I am. He is the one who formed my brain and He is the one opening the doors.

God’s never too busy for us…so why do we let ourselves get too busy for him? I mean, what if God had decided that he was too busy to create the world? What would have happened if Jesus had decided that he was too busy to die on the cross? Nothing would be the same. I would be one of the outsiders, the gentiles…I wouldn’t even know God. Probably be bowing down to Artemis or Hera, but thankfully God made time. Literally and figuratively.

So life is only getting in my way because I’m letting it. I had to spend all my time on a project not because it was all that hard…but because I didn’t do the little assignments in a timely manner. I procrastinated (I should really have several medals by now). I got distracted. And I have  this issue with only spending a few minutes doing the things I enjoy–I don’t. So I let it pile up. So this comes down to me…me and my flesh. And there’s not much I can do about that flesh, but thankfully, God can do something with my spirit.

With Thanksgiving break coming up, I’m hoping to catch up on more than just school work. I’ve got eleven days left to read almost the entire Bible. If I can just get to the New Testament I should be good, that always goes fast. Time to go spend some quality time with my God.