November 30th. It’s here. It is finally here. As of tomorrow I can officially read again. Not that I really will have time to until Thursday. This month has been harder than I thought it would be. Mostly because the The Lost Hero came out recently…Yes, I’m a nerd. Yes, I’m a little obsessive. Yes, it’s why you love me. Anyways, I’ve got it all laid out. TLH and then research for my lovely book and writing my lovely book. I’m putting together the playlist for it now. ;D Exciting.

So, things I have learned in this past month:

  • I can say no. My ability to say, “No, I have to do school, you have to wait until I finish. Sorry.” It’s amazing how much my ability to say “No” has improved, especially since that whole week of nothing.
  • Be careful when you fast. If you want to read the entire Bible in a month, don’t pick the last month of school. Because as good as spending all your time reading His word, I think God frowns upon using Him as an excuse not to do your schoolwork. I found myself doing this for the first few days and had to put a stop to that. So my new goal is to finish by the end of the year. Note to self: When planning serious, beyond the norm bible reading–choose a break time. God will understand.
  • Dream big. You never know what exactly you can accomplish unless you try.

Note: I honestly thought I’d already posted this, so now I am posting it…belatedly.