You know as writers we always love a good story. We read other writer’s works. We watch movies and listen to music. Nothing gets our blood going like a well-told tale. But I recently realized that they best stories aren’t fictional. They can, in fact, be sitting right next to you and you will never even know it.

Now this is something that I should have known, growing up with the mom that I had. She loved telling us stories about when she was a little girl. Okay, maybe I begged her for the stories. But the point is that she had some pretty awesome stuff to tell. About her childhood and about growing up (kids, your parents do know they’re talking about—listen to them). Like the one where a tornado once deposited an stable (intact, horses and all) in her backyard.

But no, I didn’t realize it growing up. The things we take for granted. Of course I didn’t want to be a writer when I was little, so I didn’t spend much time thinking about these things.

No I realized it a few weeks ago reading a friend’s blog post. I remember reading it and thinking, “Now, that’s a story.”

The amazing things in life don’t happen when you’re reading the book (at least, most of them don’t). They happen while you’re out living it. While you’re out making memories and laughing (or crying) with friends. You discover them when you talk with other people.

Your life may not seem interesting to you. You may think that it’s boring or dull. But the person sitting right next to you probably thinks the same thing about their life. So swap stories, you might discover that the tale they have to tell is more amazing than anything you could ever read or write.