Hello, lovelies! I know, I know, it’s been a while…as usual…

And that’s kind of why I’m here.

This blog has run its course and it’s time for me to move to different pastures. As of today, I am moving all my blogging activity to a new blog.

“What, Margaret? Why?” you may be saying.

Well, I’ll tell you:

First of all, I’d like to experiment with switching from written book reviews to video reviews, as much as I love it here, Word Press wants money to let me post videos. Blogger doesn’t.

Secondly,  I’m ready for a clean slate. My posts have been sporadic as of late and I’m hoping that moving to a new platform, with a new blog, and a new(ish) brand will help me maintain some consistency.

And that brings me to what’s next. Allow me to introduce my new blog: http://www.thewordn3rd.com.

Tada! If you’ve enjoyed this blog, then head over there. (And pardon the dust, I’m still setting things up.) It’ll still be me. I’ll still be posting the same content. And then some, hopefully.

And for those of you wondering what will happen to the content here, don’t worry, I won’t be scrapping all of it. Everything will stay exactly where it is until the end of October. After that, while some of the content will be lost among the paths of the internet, the rest will be updated and reposted on the new blog at some point.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, I hope to see you as I start to build this new platform!

Image: Untitled by twentymindsomethingCC BY-ND 2.0